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Papua New Guinea - Nebilyer Valley

Papua New Guinea - Nebilyer Valley

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Nebilyer Valley, in the remote western highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG), is home to the Leahy family which has been growing, processing, and exporting specialty coffee for generations.  Their family's Kuta mill supports individual small-holder farms located in this expanse west of Mount Hagen, a broad and fertile high-elevation valley.  

During harvest, the coffee cherry is brought to the mill, visually inspected, mechanically depulped, and repeatedly fermented in water tanks before being transferred to adjacent fields where they are dried in the sun.   Following which they are placed in large conditioning "boxes" for an extended resting phase to allow moisture equilibrium and to  enhance shelf-stability.  Finally the coffee is dry milled for size, color and quality sorting.

Carrying the grade "A" designation, the preparation of this coffee is considered the best possible by PNG export standards.
Cup Profile:  sweet, juicy, eucalyptus, baking spices, well balanced - medium roast


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