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Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure

Kenya Narok Mara Estate - natural

Kenya Narok Mara Estate - natural

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Located on a plateau in southwestern Kenya, Narok county runs along the border with Tanzania where the Masai Mara big game preserve turns into the enormous Serengeti National Park.  Many consider this area to have nearly ideal conditions for producing high quality coffee due to the high-elevation, relative flatness and dry climate.

However, in many ways, this lot is quite different from what you might expect from conventional Kenya coffees.  Mara Estate is a very young farm, established in 2019.  A large estate with minimal shade, the farm is planted entirely with Batian, a cultivar, bred for disease resistance and quality, but rarely grown on its own.  Processed as a natural, this coffee is barrel-fermented for 4 days prior to drying on raised beds, to allow the fruit to sweeten and partially ferment before drying.   All of which reinforces its uniqueness and draws attention to coffee from the area. 

Cup Profile:   Kiwi, mango, chocolate - complex & delicious - medium roast

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