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Ethiopian Sidama Shantawene - natural

Ethiopian Sidama Shantawene - natural

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Whole Bean or Ground

This coffee comes from the Testi Ayla washing station located in Shanta Wene, a small community in eastern Sidama, near the Harenna Forest preserve. The 1000 farmers delivering cherry to Testi Ayla average two hectares each in this area working some of the highest elevations in the whole of Sidama.  Natural processing takes well over 12 days due to overnight low temperatures and humidity, which slow dehydration. The result is a clean, strawberry-like cup with abundant complexity. 

A unique combination of ripe red Raspberry and Key Lime give a blast of fruity acidity upfront, followed by a lingering floral potpourri that transforms to vanilla on the back of the pallet - natural process.  

Cup Profile: Fruity acidity, raspberry, floral cocoa - medium roast

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